Home and School Committee

The Home & School organization at Maple Ridge provides a number of enriching learning opportunities and presentations for the students throughout the school year with the funds we raise.

We hold a handful of school dances , run a fall fundraising campaign, Christmas Bizarre and the ever so loved Christmas Dinner for all our students and staff.

We are looking for a few parent volunteers to join our small but mighty team to donate a few hours throughout the year as well as bring some fresh ideas for us to try during the upcoming school year.

We currently have the positions of Vice- President ,treasurer and secretary to fill in our executive. 

We will be taking sign ups at the Meet the Teacher night on September 5th as well as at our first school dance, September 28th, where we could use 2-3 volunteers to assist with ticket sales along with canteen sales.

Feel free to contact the current President Carrie MacDougall at 902-225-9492 or c.macdougall@icloud.com with any other questions or to volunteer .

                                                                                                       Those who can, do
                                                                                         Those who can do more, volunteer!